RAH Infotech Appointed as a National Distributor for Hitachi Vantara

Rah Infotech and Hitachi

RAH Infotech, one of the fastest emerging technology distributor of cybersecurity and network, data management as well as cloud solutions in India, recently announced that the company has been appointed as Hitachi Vantara’s national distributor in the country.  In their role as the national distributor, RAH Infotech will ensure that the growing demand for digital solutions and digital infrastructure right from enterprise-level to midrange storage and even cloud, analytics, video intelligence as well as IoT is met across varied sectors including financial and banking services, energy, manufacturing, government, and transportation…

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Arrow PC Introduces Dell EMC PowerScale to Enable Customers to Unlock the True Potential of Unstructured Data

Arrow PC Introduces Dell's EMC Power Scale

Arrow PC Network, a Dell Titanium Partner and renowned IT service integrator that delivers top-notch IT infrastructure services, recently introduced DELL EMC PowerScale to store and unlock the potential of unstructured data storage in organizations. Dell EMC PowerScale is ideal for consolidating, storing, managing, protecting, and analyzing unstructured data along with a potent platform that functions simply, for different sizes of the data environments. “With PowerScale, enterprises can acquire the flexibility of a software-defined architecture with accelerated hardware innovations to utilize the value of data,” said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director…

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D-Link expands its EXO line of routers with DIR-X1560 and DIR-X6060

D-link Wi-Fi Routers

Making a new addition to its EXO line of routers, D-Link has launched the DIR-X1560 and DIR-X6060 routers. The routers will come enabled with Wi-Fi 6 features that will boast of exceptional capacity, efficiency, and speed. Wi-Fi 6 or AX Wi-Fi, which happens to be the latest IEEE 802.11 standard, delivers greater speed and capacity while also reducing network congestion and improving device battery life. Wi-Fi 6 is suitably fitted for the current scenario that is witnessing mass adoption of smart devices and simultaneous bandwidth-heavy activities like 4K/8K streaming as a result…

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How Synoptiq Infosolutions ensured business continuity amidst the pandemic?

Synoptiq Infosolutions

The IT Channel Partner community in India, like every other industry, also bore the brunt of the deadly coronavirus breakout. A series of restrictions were announced by the Indian government, which also required everyone to maintain and follow the norms of social distancing. However, despite the mounting business challenges, some channel partners decided to take everything into their stride. A popular face among them is Rajeev Mamidanna. Mamidanna registered his company-Synoptiq Infosolutions in December 2019 and initiated operations in February. But to his surprise, the lockdown was announced right after…

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How are CXOs transforming businesses?

CXOs transforming businesses

In the digital age, the concept of customer-focused has a new meaning. In comparison to non -digital times, presently, corporations have more choices to communicate and intermingle with their clients. Thus, customer experience and employee involvement or experiences are now two of the dominant driving parameters of the business. When customer experience and employee experience work together, it creates an exclusive, reliable, viable benefit for the business. Companies are merging the two functions and have introduced a new C-level position called CXOs to profit both clients and organizations. CXO is…

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Online Learning Tips to Keep Your Child Motivated

Online Learning Tips

When you ask any child about their favorite pastime, you would rarely hear them reply that they love to learn. In a physical classroom, the toughest challenge for teachers was not teaching. The teachers’ most significant challenge was to create keen learners who are self-motivated. You must have heard that learning is an ongoing process. However, the new normal has tweaked the phrase to – learning is an online process. While parents and teachers try their level best to navigate students to study online, children throw all types of tantrums.…

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Arcserve’s Nikhil Korgaonkar Lists Best Practices for Quick Data Backup and Disaster Recovery


Business continuity has become one of the major concerns for companies everywhere, especially in view of the rising cases of cyber attacks and threats as well as owing to imbalance which is a direct result of the recent pandemic. According to Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Director – India & SAARC at Arcserve, “The need to have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions is critical for any organization. It is a preventive approach to assume that disasters, and pandemics, causing cyber damage may be actually inevitable.” Korgaonkar further reiterated that…

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ISODA Members Stands Tall and United Amidst Pandemic


Members show their gratitude towards the association, even as the ISODA management team undertakes several initiatives to keep them motivated. The outbreak of COVID-19 disease had a severe impact on almost every Channel Partner and Solution Provider in the IT industry. However, in order to keep them motivated and to ensure their emotional and mental well being, the Management Committee at ISODA organized a webinar called “Say Wow and Wah” with Sonika. Apart from this, many ISODA members showed their gratitude towards the association and its members for their tremendous…

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Oppo Steps Up the Selfie Revolution by Entering the Nepal Market with F1S

oppo mobile

Smartphone lovers in Nepal now have a reason to rejoice for. After starting a selfie revolution with its Indian consumers with its flagship model, F1S and tasting success, Oppo is now entering the Nepal market to recreate that same magic.  Termed as the selfie expert, Oppo has launched the phone at a price of NPR 32,390 at an event in Nepal, gifting the Nepalese consumers the same rich experience that the Indian consumers have enjoyed till now. Also present at the event were Nepali superstars, Reecha Sharma and Karma Shakya…

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